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Train Track's Centralized Traffic Control products run on multiple monitor, desktop computers that take the place of bulky, proprietary systems. Train Track's client list includes most rail-suppliers, most major railroads and several transit properties. The fact that Train Track has penetrated such a broad group is testimony to the quality of our products.






  The Boston and Maine Corporation
CN North America
State Rail Authority New South Wales, AU
Wisconsin Central, Ltd.
Metro North Commuter RR (Grand Central Terminal)
Pacific Harbor Lines, San Pedro, CA
Trinity Railway Express, Dallas TX.

TDX: The newest product>>>

New York Sesquehana Western RR


TDBasic & TDNet:

The first generation of Traffic Control Products.

Running in DOS, these

Products were innovative

and set the standard for CTC.

Norfolk Southern Corporation.
Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Railway Co.
Union Pacific Railroad.
Burlington Northern
Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter RR Corp. (METRA)
Chicago & North Western Transportation Company

CTC for Windows(tm):

By placing CTC in a common

Graphical interface, standard

Office applications can run

Along side dispatching operations.

  Burlington Northern Railroad Co.
The Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Railway Company
The Grand Trunk Western Railroad
Norfolk Southern Corporation

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