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TDX is the newest member of Train Track's control system family.  Using the same database and drag-and-drop graphics tools, TDX provides complete control for smaller applications, such as Yard, Terminals, and small CTC.  TDX will run on a single Windows-based PC without the need for secondary codeline computers.  Other features are:

A complete description of TDX is available here as a download:

TDX Brochure DOWNLOAD                                TDX User's Manual DOWNLOAD


Local Control Panel.
TDX is significantly less expensive than the other CTC systems.  This makes it ideal for smaller systems.  Because TDX can run on a laptop or small PC, it can also be used as a Local Control Panel.  A brochure for TDX applications as an LCP is available here as a download: CLICK FOR BROCHURE

Local Control Panel Application


Using the commercially available WiFi network (802.11), wireless handheld can control the local control panel. This will allow a single Maintainer to control an interlocking while walking outside and observing the switches and signals.  Click here for a brochure with complete details: WIRELESS BROCHURE

Handheld iPAQ 3650 showing Wireless TDX controlling LCP