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Train Track Computer Systems, Inc. incorporated in 1989 to provide control systems, consulting and embedded devices for the rail industry.  The company was founded by Kevin Hassett and the late Alan Bell based on project experience with Safetran Systems and other Rail supply companies.

Train Track has always been a supplier to systems integrators.  Early projects, included data recorders protocol translators for:

But Control systems for Railroads where a dispatcher, at a central location, controlled the track and signal devices became the mainstay of the company. Train Track was the first to market with many innovations, including:

Central Control Systems required software expertise instead of manufacturing capability.  Train Track invested over 100 man years in developing the perfect fit application that could be modified by the customer.  Many other changes were happening in the computer industry simultaneously, including LANs (local area networks), Cheap PCs and the ubiquitous Microsoft Windows platform.  While all other companies focused on Unix, VMS or OS/2, Train Track was the first to develop this technology.

Train Track sold systems and developed sales representatives in several world markets, including Austral-Asia, China, Canada and South America.


In 1996 we licensed the software for UNIX applications to GE Harris in Melbourne, FL.  In 1997 we decided to exit the large systems business and license the software wherever practical.  GE Harris, Switch, Rail Services and others continue as licensees.

We have developed a completely standalone product, ideal for smaller applications, called Track Driver eXtra (TDX).  Train Track continues to provide turn-key systems and technical services related to Train Control (see clients).



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